Monday, December 29, 2008

O'Hara Christmas

We had a great Christmas! The girls got a whole room full of toys and of course argue over what? THE CANDY GUMBALL MACHINES!!! They asked santa for Barbies and Make-up. He dalivered!! Carlee wanted Santa to bring all her tos and put them in her room under her tree! So I told her He might just put one there since it was a small tree. So CHristmas Morning he put A Ballerina Barbie under her tree and She came runnig in my room with it so excited and said mommy Santa left this under my tree and then looked down at it and fell on the ground crying and said I only got One present!! I had to show her the rest and we waited on Cydnee to get up and when she got up carlee took her in there and showed her everything and she said I just want FruitLoops and Franklin!! Which is her normal morning routine!! And then Chris proceeded to video carlee opening her presents and me opening cydnees presents as she cried throughout the whole thing!!! Oh what a beautiful day it started out to be!! I guess thats what happens when the parents are so routine! WHen you break from it it doesnt turn out pretty!! Actually the rest of the day was good, we went o to my grandmas for a brunch and then to chris' parents and had christmas with his whole Family!! We were so happy his grandma got to come home from the hospital Christmas eve day! We are sooo Blessed!!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

All I want for Christmas

I Came home from Shopping today and Carlee says momma all I want for Christmas is to see one of Santa's reindeer on the back of his sleigh and pet it! No now that's not too much to ask is it! HAHAHAHAH

Christmas shopping!

I went this morning while my Sis in law watched my girls, to the mall and to toysrus! Yes I did! Crazy!! And will never do that again!! Thank you aunt Staci for giving up one of your winter break days!!

Cedar ridge Christmas program!!

Sunday night we had the annual Cedar ridge christian church christmas Program! Cydnee went first and did great during the program, then she had to come into the audience for the rest of the program and would not sit still!! Carlee on the other hand has to, for some reason, act out and be not so nice while in front of the whole church!! She gets embarrassed and starts picking on the other kids and started walking along the back of some tall risers (which might I add may not be the best thing for a huge group of 4 year olds!! Any ways we made it through and carlee says next year she is going to talk on the microphone!! I am not so sure thats a great idea!!

Monday, December 15, 2008

It's A ..................

We went to the doctor this morning and found out 99.7% sure we are having a boy!! I am still a little shocked but I am sure it will sink in soon!!I told the girls and Carlee said NOOO I wanted a girl!! Then she said well I guess I can teach him to roll the ball cause he will be littler than me!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Baby shower

Today I gave a baby shower for my good friend Mindy Beasley! It was at my other friend Trina's house! We had so much fun I can't wait to see that sweet baby's face!!! Caden John Beasley.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Parents Christmas Drop Shop

We took the girls to our first Parents night out. we went to Olive Garden and ate and then headed out to Sam's! We really did it up right! We went back and got the girls at 9 instead of 9:30 and miss cydnee was definitely ready! Sooo tired!! Carlee had a great time! They made ornaments and hot chocolate and had a story time and Carlee won a little debbie Christmas tree cake that she was so proud of at the cake walk!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Doctor Cole nilson

Today was my monthly appointment @ dr. nilsons and my sister is off work and so I volunteered her for babysitting duties! (So thankful for sis!) So I was kind enough only to leave her with one of the darlings! So to the doctor Carlee and I went! She was so excited! So we got there and were early and sitting in the parking lot waiting and got a call from the doctor saying to hurry up and come in because he had to go deliver a baby! So we jumped out of the car and called chris because he was supposed to be meeting us there, and said hurry!!! We went straight back to the room and he did an ultrasound and told carlee to look up at the tv for the baby, then asked her is she wanted to hear the baby talk and turned on the heart monitor and she got to hear the heartbeat! Carlee said "what in the world is he doin in there?" I thought that was very cute! Then as we were leaving chris pulled up and carlee said I thought he was going to cut the baby out of your tummy today!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Thankskiving dinner at school!

The girls had their last day of school before Thanksgiving and they both had a feast! Cydnee was an indian when I got there and Carlee was a pilgrim, but didn't want to wear her outfit because it was too scratchy! I asked Carlee what she liked best and she said that she didn't like turkey but now she does! I asked Cydnee what she liked best and she said the raisins, which we brought!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Poppee's Birthday

I am doing really bad at the whole blog thing but I am sure I'm not alone!! Today is my Dad's Birthday so after church we went to there house for an awesome birthday lunch and I made add a chocolate cake with lots of help from Carlee Crocker!! She's so funny I forgot to tell him she said I wonder if he will like the chocolate cake best, or the icing best? She loves her poppee! Cydnee stayed the night the night before and had so much fun! She mowed with him, and they went to the feed store and fed the animals. The only bad part was she thought they were going to the party barn for the party and they had to tell her that y were going home to get her lighted cowgirl hat!! When we got home she said poppee had a great party!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Poor Little turkey!!

I just thought this was humorous!! I piked Carlee up from school on Wednesday, and of coarse she had made all kinds of sweet Thanksgiving stuff that was adorable!! The cutest little thing was a round shaped cookie glued onto the middle of a white paper plate, on it was smeared some kind of chocolate with 2 chocolate chips for the eyes and about 8 candy corn for the feathers and it was a turkey named Tom!! We went straight from there to my parents feed store which is about 5 minutes from the school, and Carlee had to have her favorite movie on in the car(nims island) for this long ride! She was zoned in on the movie, and once we got to the feed store I turned around and much to my dismay Cydnee had a round circle of chocolate covering her face from her nose to her neck, and there was a blank white paper plate! SAD, SAD, SAD!!!!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Ladies Fall Fellowship

I went to a church Ladies Fall fellowship night tonight and had fajitas and lots of mexican food and great chit chat with some of the other girls and a great speaker who was very down to earth and talked about how christian women need other christian sisters in their lives and made me so thankful to have all my good friends!! I am so blessed!

Monday, November 3, 2008

DR., DR., DR.

Well as most of you know I am prego with #3! I had another Dr. appointment today. I went at 10:30 and he said the baby looks great! A heart beat of 164 beats per minute!! I went back and saw that cydnee's at the exact same time was 185 beats per minute. who knows though I think with her I was drinking dr peppper for breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner. This time around I haven't felt like drinking much of anything! I think that will change soon! I lost a pound, and also found out that I have a cyst caused from lots of progesterone from the pregnancy. I can't remember what he said we would do about it because it was such a blur after he said the word Cyst!! As alot of you don't know, that my mom had an EIGHT pound tumor removed and partial hystorectomy when she was 5 months pregnant with me!! Kinda Scary!! So then me and my mom headed to Zios to gorge ourselves on awesome italian food for lunch (Child Free). After that we had to go to get the girls from school and take my little carlee to St francis hospital (south) or an ultrasound on her kidneys. She has another Urinary tract infection so we are ruling out tilted kidneys!! she was a trooper!!!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Halloween

The girls woke up early for the festivities! We started out by trick or treating Our friends Rhonda & Landon Fisher! We then headed over to GG and Poppa dicks house to show off the beauties!! Cydnee wanted to go into all of the houses and couldn't figure out why we are standing on the front porches!! After this we went to a Halloween/Birthday party for our friend Maddi Houtman. We had fun there we painted pumpkins and had delicious cupcakes!! after that it was home for naps! We then went to Chris' cousin David and Debbie's house for a spooky time!! She made a smorgasbord of delicious food and gave Carlee her favorite candy for the whole day, a round swirly lolly pop! IT WAS HUGE!!!! anyways we stopped around 9pm and rode home in a sugar rush!! It was really fun!

Friday, October 24, 2008


This week was very boring which was nice!! I worked at the salon yesterday until 9:45pm. and the girls stayed the night with my mom!! Chris played softball!! I do have a funny story about the girls. Last night at the church acrossed the street from my parents house, they had a Halloween safety night and a candy giveaway. So my grandma really wanted my parents to take the girls, so they could be safe!! anyways they ended up taking them and they were the only kids there, and needless to say they were running around everywhere, and the police officer was talking to the girls and Cydnee told him that her daddy hits her and then Carlee ended up pulling the fire alarm before they left!! WHat a great experience for them all! I am glad I was working!!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Cydnee's Surgery

Today we gt up at 5am to take Cydnee to the hospital for Tubes and adnoidectomy! Sounds fun huh! She was the happiest, smiliest, funniest little girl all the way there! I am so thankful for her!! Carlee stayed at Grammee's house while all this was going on! After surgery we got back there and she definitely was not happy, but most of all because there was a band aid on her hand!! She was ok once we went and showed er the fish aquarium, Though on the way home she threw up and was nauseated. When we got home she watched cartoons for 2 hours and made sure I stayed awake the whole time!!! Then Carlee came home and we played lots of hungry hungry hippo, and don't break the ice! As the day went on she kinda got whiny so I gave her some pain medication and that just reved her up so we journeyed to my parents house, had dinner there and played with Emily. She acted as if nothing had happened and went on with her business. She crashed finally at 7:30pm.!!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Cookies And Gymnastics!

Today we made cutout sugar cookies with a leaf cookie cutter! It was great fun and a great big mess! The cookies turned out great though, and Carlee Had a blast playing in the flour! unfortunately cydnee was taking a nap through that part of it! as long as she gets a little dough she is fine! Tonight is gymnastics, carlee has now mastered her cartwheel while the teacher is watching and cydnee has mastered doing exactly whatever she pleases!! Chris is helping tonight which gives me an hour to just sit and watch which doesn't happen very often!! Exciting!!!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Signed, Sealed, Delivered!!

Yesterday chris took a picture of the girls on his dirt bike and then listed it on Craigslist which is kinda like ebay, only local and free anyways, within 2 1/2 miinutes a guy from sapulpa called him and wanted the bike so Chris took it tonight and the deal went through without a hitch!!


This morning was great because the girls slept in and so did I They had school, but why is it still so great when we get that extra 45 minutes in the morning even if it does run us late?? Neither one wanted to go in to school today, but I told them that we would stay home tomorrow and make some cutout sugar cookies in the shapes of leaves!! I will post a pic. of this!!!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Bounce u

I met some girlfriends at bounce u this morning for the preschool playdate bounce and the girls had a great time!! Carlee bounced and played the whole time but cydnee wanted snacks and only played half the time! I was a little warn out after trying to get up the giant spider web!! I know why its for kids now!! Anyhow it was really fun!

Birthday Poppa!!

Today is Poppa waynes Birthday and Cydnee practiced singing Happy Birthday all the way home last night and put a few Yee Haws in there like we were at the party barn again!!!!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Big News!!!

We are adding a 3rd O'Hara Baby to the family!! I took a test on Monday and then told Chris that night when he got home from work. His reaction was "Oh Gosh I need to start selling a whole lot more stuff!!!" typical guy answer!! And Carlee was pretty indifferent about it until she can see results!! but Cydnee has been hilarious because she just runs in to everyone and says I am going to be a big sister! And she told me shes going to feed it a BABA (Bottle). I don't know if I mentioned this in earlier posts but about 3 months ago our bedtime routine changed in the fact that we have to completely swaddle Cydnee with her arms flat to her sides and if she can move them and its not tight enough she will freak out and we have to do it tighter! Crazy HUH!!Oh and the grandpas reactions were my dads "OH NO"
and Chris' Dads "UH OH".!! Pretty comical!!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

The never ending Saturday

OK So Saturday started off great I went garage saling with my best friend Aimee who also does my and and we tag team wedding hair freqently!! So she picked me up on Saturday morn. about 8am, we went and got a starbucks and then to the beauty supply and then to the garage sales! After that we went next door to my neighbors house to do her daughter Ericas hair and 7 other hairdo's for her wedding. We were there until 230 and pics were at 3 so I rushed home got ready and left again! After the wedding at 4pm I went home to find that Carlee had been sick all day we hd given her tylenol and motrin every 5-6 hours since thursday after school for a fever! But when chris was giving her the meds. on Saturdday afternoon the fever would be back within 2 hours and so I got online around 7pm and saw that the urgent care was open util 8pm. We usuallly go there and see Dr Hamilton for our primary but he was not on duty! So they checked her out, had her pee in a cup and then said it was fine but she was limp and had 103 fever so he thought I should take her to st francis ER. Well I can tell you I had been there with Chris a couple of months ago with possible kidney stones and it was a 5-6 hous wait just to get to see a Dr. but, we got in a room within about 2 hours. The dr did another urine test and imediately told us she had Urinary tract infection and gave her an antibiotic to take for 7 days which was disgusting (or as carlee says "tastes like wipeys")!! So he said by monday morning she would be 100%. well She woke up shaking all over with the fever again so we go to her pediatrician and she had to get 2 shots in each little thigh and new antibiotics that she loves!! by that night she was feeling great!! she is still very pale and needs to get her stamina back! The sad part was we didn't get to se our cousin alli when she was in town!!!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Tulsa State Fair

My sister casie & Brother in law(aaron) gave Carlee and Cydnee each a ticket to Disney on Ice which was wonderful for the girls because it was very loud and energetic!! They loved it! We only had 2 spilled drinks and ate fruit chews goldfish and 2 suckers and gum! The Sno caones were $15 dollars and cotton candy was 12 so needless to say our girls drank Capri sus and snacks from home that I snuck in the diaper bag!! Thank goodness! After that we waled around the fair and it was more fun than we could handle!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Happy Birthday Carlee

Today is a very special day at the O'Hara house, Carlee is now 4 years old!! We had a little get together @ her poppees feed store and party barn. She got a new Pink bike with bunnies on it!! She thinks it is so cool being 4!! I can't believe how fast time flies!!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Today the girls had their pictures taken by a long time friend Betsy Wagoner/Gregory. She came out to the feed store so she could capture some shots of the girls doing what they love best!! I think we did exactly that too! They had a blast!! On the way there had a long discussion about moms and why I don't live with mine anymore. anyways to make a long story short carlee said she is sad because she won't live with me when she gets married and so she is going to just marry Cydnee, so we can all live together! How sweet is that!

Friday, September 12, 2008


Today is my sis- in -law Staci Lorene O'Hara's Birthday!!! Happy Bday to you STACI!! We will be singing the night away at her birthday dinner at memaw and Poppas house!! The Girls have been practicing all day!!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Kenney Chesney

Hi Everyone We went to Kenny Chesney At the BOK Center and It was a great building, very impressive!! Although We bought tickets to see Leann rimes and Kenny chesney, Leann was Sick with tonsillitis, so Miranda Lambert filled in for her which I think was a very odd and vulgar alternative to Leann Rimes!! Lots of screaming, stomping, and very loud background music!! The other disappointing thing was that we had bought our tickets at the presale almost 5 months ago and our seats were row Q section 313. OK row Z is the top row of the whole building! Wow talk about steep! The good things about it was that getting in the building went rather quickly and we ate at billys on the square in the building and the food lines went quick and then during the intermissions the bathroom lines went really fast!! We left a little early and saw my sis in law Staci ad her boyfriend jake out in the hall! Yeah!! Well I am sure that's enough info for you all!!

Saturday, September 6, 2008


As you all probably know, my sister was married in April to A guy by the name of Aaron Murray, but not only do we have a new brother in the family but now a new niece and nephew! They are 5 and 7. Connor and Emily. Emily lives here in Tulsa but Connor sadly moved about a month before the wedding to Nebraska. or Nebwaska as he calls it!They are both precious! Anyways we finally made it to see Emily play soccer today and she did great! It was also a pretty funny sight to see Aaron as the coach of the team all hyped up from drinking his "AMP" energy drink. as if he needs more energy! Good Game Shockers they won 12 -2! I think!
Now the girls want to go to Arkansas to see my other nieces and to watch one of Merediths soccer games!!

Friday, September 5, 2008


The girls and I started the day by meeting a friend t the mall for playtime, and then Chris Played golf until late so we took a nature walk through the neighborhood and then when Chris got home we went on a bike ride down to a nearby pond and fed the ducks all of our yucky bread, and some really good cornbread mini muffins I made for dinner the night before! I knew they were good because Cydnee was eating them faster than we could get them thrown out to the ducks!! These are good times!!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Cydnees First Day

Cydnee had a great first day at school! I think she is always in a great mood in the mornings but especially this one! She had a new back pack and unlike her big sister could have cared less what was in her lunch! She is a very care free child and pretty much dances to the beat of her own drum!! She wore a cute little jacket and mini skirt with some mary jane crocs! But to her you would have thought it was a pageant dress and she was little miss America! She kept saying to Carlee " Sissy do you like my new first day of school outfit?" She was precious and of course had her own back to school photo session! And let me tell you she struck a few Poses! The whole way there she was saying I am going to big girl school like you Carlee and then, when we got there she couldn't get in there fast enough, but once we headed closer and closer to the door she became a little reluctant and then finally the melt down I knew was inevitable came and she was on the floor kicking and screaming!great teacher came and scooped her up and said have a great day mom!! SO on my way out I went back around and peeked in and there was Cydnee Laying flat on the ground on top of a huge white piece of paper being drawn around by her teacher then when she finished she stood up and clapped so I knew she would be fine!!!

I went on to work and mom picked them up and said they neither one napped! (imagine that!) But the good news is that they both had a great day and no one got hurt!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Carlee's First Day

Carlee got up this morning in a great mood!! She had a new set of back to school Jammies on and loves them!! She got all decked out and had helped me pack a lunch that other kids would die for! HAHAHA She of course had her 1st day of school photo session too! She was so excited and could not wait! The ride there was good because I used the time to remind her that GOD sees her all day long and when she gets frustrated all she has to do is take 3 big breaths because shes 3!! And then ask him to help her have lots of patience. She said "and not kick and hit because the boys can kick harder" I said yes that too!!

I also found some humorous irony in this day because I prayed this morning because we have had a few issues this summer, and I said OK God today I am putting her in your hands please give her some patience and please give her teacher some patience because Lord if today is anything like the others she is going to need it! But then I came to the realization that OH YEAH Listen to me telling GOD that I am putting her in his hands when He has actually given me this little child of his to hold in my hands for a short time while we are here on earth!! Crazy ME!!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

A regular day

Hi Guys well this morning Both my kids were sneezing and coughing and of course my friend lori was supposed to come over for lunch so we get up early and head out to target to get stuff for lunch and then called the doctor and he wanted to check out their ears so we went in for another check and this is very routine for the O'Hara girls( if you don't already know!) anyways he said they were neither one infected which was actually a bummer because if they were we could do something about it but they only had fluid behind the drum no infection! We then decided to postpone lunch until the next day! anyways we were at home the rest of the day!! We had to prepare for Carlees first day of preschool!

Monday, September 1, 2008

labor day Weekend!

Our weekend started out on Firday night when my nieces and sis- n- law came from Arkansas, we met at the famous "Ricardos" it was really funny because Chris was the only guy there and when we first got there I guess they jst had a notion that we were going to be a voistrous crowd, so they stuck us in a dungeon room and shut our door!! And boy were they right! after the squeals and screams and potty breaks and finally getting our checks we all reminded of why we rarely eat out!!!!!

Then on to Saturday morning where we made an emergency Hair stop for them all at the salon and then they came to our house and played, until cydnee bit her tongue and then all the fun and games were over! We then went to mazzios and then on to my parents feed store! We all enjoyed the animals although our Donkey kept turning his rear towards us so we couldn't pet him!! Then we were all home for naps.

Saturday night we took the girls to my parents and then went to my best friend all through schools Catholic Wedding! It was great to see her and her family and catch up! Although it was a long wedding it was nice and peaceful!

Sunday we just hung out at the house all day cydnee has an ear ache and carlee has allergies too! (probably the animals!)

Today we slept in and did yard work all morning and are going to mom and dads for dinner! Wow, what a busy weekend!!

Friday, August 29, 2008

Potterybarn Kids Singalong

We woke up this morning and headed out to Utica Square for a sing-a-long! We met my mom there and then we all met my aunt at PF Changs for lunch. It was good! Then the girls and I did a little shopping with my aunt Carol and mom went to work! Now we are home for a nap!! The girls really love spending time with Grammee and Aunt Carol! We try to meet twice a month for lunch!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Back to school night!!

tonight we went to meet the girls teachers at school! Carlee will be going 3 days a week to preschool and Cydnee will be going 2 days! They are both excited!! Cydnee for some reason thinks there is going to be snow cones at school! She walked right in an told her teacher she liked her necklace and earrings!! That's my girl!! Carlee on the other hand was a little more reserved and wanted to make sure that me and daddy were staying the whole evening! She asked if I was going to stay next time and I said no but it was going to be lots of fun, a she said are you just going to take a nap? I thought that was cute!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Family Fun Night @ Cedar Ridge Christian Church

Tonight our church had a family fun night to kick off back to school for the kids! Chris and I took the girls and they had so much fun! They jumped on jupiter jumps and had sno cones, cotton candy, and popcorn! They also watched a fun video and Cydnee danced while all the others sat and ate!!

First Blog Ever

Well as always the girls are napping and I am on the net!! I want to first of all tell you that I am not a professional writer!! So now you will be able to see just how challenged I am!! I want to do this as a journal for my Kids and for my Family! So everyone that cares can see what we do in our day to day lives and I know that the days of writing in my girls baby books are far and few between!! They are getting soooo Big!!