Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Carlee's First Day

Carlee got up this morning in a great mood!! She had a new set of back to school Jammies on and loves them!! She got all decked out and had helped me pack a lunch that other kids would die for! HAHAHA She of course had her 1st day of school photo session too! She was so excited and could not wait! The ride there was good because I used the time to remind her that GOD sees her all day long and when she gets frustrated all she has to do is take 3 big breaths because shes 3!! And then ask him to help her have lots of patience. She said "and not kick and hit because the boys can kick harder" I said yes that too!!

I also found some humorous irony in this day because I prayed this morning because we have had a few issues this summer, and I said OK God today I am putting her in your hands please give her some patience and please give her teacher some patience because Lord if today is anything like the others she is going to need it! But then I came to the realization that OH YEAH Listen to me telling GOD that I am putting her in his hands when He has actually given me this little child of his to hold in my hands for a short time while we are here on earth!! Crazy ME!!

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