Thursday, September 4, 2008

Cydnees First Day

Cydnee had a great first day at school! I think she is always in a great mood in the mornings but especially this one! She had a new back pack and unlike her big sister could have cared less what was in her lunch! She is a very care free child and pretty much dances to the beat of her own drum!! She wore a cute little jacket and mini skirt with some mary jane crocs! But to her you would have thought it was a pageant dress and she was little miss America! She kept saying to Carlee " Sissy do you like my new first day of school outfit?" She was precious and of course had her own back to school photo session! And let me tell you she struck a few Poses! The whole way there she was saying I am going to big girl school like you Carlee and then, when we got there she couldn't get in there fast enough, but once we headed closer and closer to the door she became a little reluctant and then finally the melt down I knew was inevitable came and she was on the floor kicking and screaming!great teacher came and scooped her up and said have a great day mom!! SO on my way out I went back around and peeked in and there was Cydnee Laying flat on the ground on top of a huge white piece of paper being drawn around by her teacher then when she finished she stood up and clapped so I knew she would be fine!!!

I went on to work and mom picked them up and said they neither one napped! (imagine that!) But the good news is that they both had a great day and no one got hurt!

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