Monday, September 1, 2008

labor day Weekend!

Our weekend started out on Firday night when my nieces and sis- n- law came from Arkansas, we met at the famous "Ricardos" it was really funny because Chris was the only guy there and when we first got there I guess they jst had a notion that we were going to be a voistrous crowd, so they stuck us in a dungeon room and shut our door!! And boy were they right! after the squeals and screams and potty breaks and finally getting our checks we all reminded of why we rarely eat out!!!!!

Then on to Saturday morning where we made an emergency Hair stop for them all at the salon and then they came to our house and played, until cydnee bit her tongue and then all the fun and games were over! We then went to mazzios and then on to my parents feed store! We all enjoyed the animals although our Donkey kept turning his rear towards us so we couldn't pet him!! Then we were all home for naps.

Saturday night we took the girls to my parents and then went to my best friend all through schools Catholic Wedding! It was great to see her and her family and catch up! Although it was a long wedding it was nice and peaceful!

Sunday we just hung out at the house all day cydnee has an ear ache and carlee has allergies too! (probably the animals!)

Today we slept in and did yard work all morning and are going to mom and dads for dinner! Wow, what a busy weekend!!

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