Saturday, September 6, 2008


As you all probably know, my sister was married in April to A guy by the name of Aaron Murray, but not only do we have a new brother in the family but now a new niece and nephew! They are 5 and 7. Connor and Emily. Emily lives here in Tulsa but Connor sadly moved about a month before the wedding to Nebraska. or Nebwaska as he calls it!They are both precious! Anyways we finally made it to see Emily play soccer today and she did great! It was also a pretty funny sight to see Aaron as the coach of the team all hyped up from drinking his "AMP" energy drink. as if he needs more energy! Good Game Shockers they won 12 -2! I think!
Now the girls want to go to Arkansas to see my other nieces and to watch one of Merediths soccer games!!

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Jenni said...

That is super cute!!! I need to see some pictures too:>!