Friday, October 24, 2008


This week was very boring which was nice!! I worked at the salon yesterday until 9:45pm. and the girls stayed the night with my mom!! Chris played softball!! I do have a funny story about the girls. Last night at the church acrossed the street from my parents house, they had a Halloween safety night and a candy giveaway. So my grandma really wanted my parents to take the girls, so they could be safe!! anyways they ended up taking them and they were the only kids there, and needless to say they were running around everywhere, and the police officer was talking to the girls and Cydnee told him that her daddy hits her and then Carlee ended up pulling the fire alarm before they left!! WHat a great experience for them all! I am glad I was working!!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Cydnee's Surgery

Today we gt up at 5am to take Cydnee to the hospital for Tubes and adnoidectomy! Sounds fun huh! She was the happiest, smiliest, funniest little girl all the way there! I am so thankful for her!! Carlee stayed at Grammee's house while all this was going on! After surgery we got back there and she definitely was not happy, but most of all because there was a band aid on her hand!! She was ok once we went and showed er the fish aquarium, Though on the way home she threw up and was nauseated. When we got home she watched cartoons for 2 hours and made sure I stayed awake the whole time!!! Then Carlee came home and we played lots of hungry hungry hippo, and don't break the ice! As the day went on she kinda got whiny so I gave her some pain medication and that just reved her up so we journeyed to my parents house, had dinner there and played with Emily. She acted as if nothing had happened and went on with her business. She crashed finally at 7:30pm.!!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Cookies And Gymnastics!

Today we made cutout sugar cookies with a leaf cookie cutter! It was great fun and a great big mess! The cookies turned out great though, and Carlee Had a blast playing in the flour! unfortunately cydnee was taking a nap through that part of it! as long as she gets a little dough she is fine! Tonight is gymnastics, carlee has now mastered her cartwheel while the teacher is watching and cydnee has mastered doing exactly whatever she pleases!! Chris is helping tonight which gives me an hour to just sit and watch which doesn't happen very often!! Exciting!!!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Signed, Sealed, Delivered!!

Yesterday chris took a picture of the girls on his dirt bike and then listed it on Craigslist which is kinda like ebay, only local and free anyways, within 2 1/2 miinutes a guy from sapulpa called him and wanted the bike so Chris took it tonight and the deal went through without a hitch!!


This morning was great because the girls slept in and so did I They had school, but why is it still so great when we get that extra 45 minutes in the morning even if it does run us late?? Neither one wanted to go in to school today, but I told them that we would stay home tomorrow and make some cutout sugar cookies in the shapes of leaves!! I will post a pic. of this!!!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Bounce u

I met some girlfriends at bounce u this morning for the preschool playdate bounce and the girls had a great time!! Carlee bounced and played the whole time but cydnee wanted snacks and only played half the time! I was a little warn out after trying to get up the giant spider web!! I know why its for kids now!! Anyhow it was really fun!

Birthday Poppa!!

Today is Poppa waynes Birthday and Cydnee practiced singing Happy Birthday all the way home last night and put a few Yee Haws in there like we were at the party barn again!!!!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Big News!!!

We are adding a 3rd O'Hara Baby to the family!! I took a test on Monday and then told Chris that night when he got home from work. His reaction was "Oh Gosh I need to start selling a whole lot more stuff!!!" typical guy answer!! And Carlee was pretty indifferent about it until she can see results!! but Cydnee has been hilarious because she just runs in to everyone and says I am going to be a big sister! And she told me shes going to feed it a BABA (Bottle). I don't know if I mentioned this in earlier posts but about 3 months ago our bedtime routine changed in the fact that we have to completely swaddle Cydnee with her arms flat to her sides and if she can move them and its not tight enough she will freak out and we have to do it tighter! Crazy HUH!!Oh and the grandpas reactions were my dads "OH NO"
and Chris' Dads "UH OH".!! Pretty comical!!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

The never ending Saturday

OK So Saturday started off great I went garage saling with my best friend Aimee who also does my and and we tag team wedding hair freqently!! So she picked me up on Saturday morn. about 8am, we went and got a starbucks and then to the beauty supply and then to the garage sales! After that we went next door to my neighbors house to do her daughter Ericas hair and 7 other hairdo's for her wedding. We were there until 230 and pics were at 3 so I rushed home got ready and left again! After the wedding at 4pm I went home to find that Carlee had been sick all day we hd given her tylenol and motrin every 5-6 hours since thursday after school for a fever! But when chris was giving her the meds. on Saturdday afternoon the fever would be back within 2 hours and so I got online around 7pm and saw that the urgent care was open util 8pm. We usuallly go there and see Dr Hamilton for our primary but he was not on duty! So they checked her out, had her pee in a cup and then said it was fine but she was limp and had 103 fever so he thought I should take her to st francis ER. Well I can tell you I had been there with Chris a couple of months ago with possible kidney stones and it was a 5-6 hous wait just to get to see a Dr. but, we got in a room within about 2 hours. The dr did another urine test and imediately told us she had Urinary tract infection and gave her an antibiotic to take for 7 days which was disgusting (or as carlee says "tastes like wipeys")!! So he said by monday morning she would be 100%. well She woke up shaking all over with the fever again so we go to her pediatrician and she had to get 2 shots in each little thigh and new antibiotics that she loves!! by that night she was feeling great!! she is still very pale and needs to get her stamina back! The sad part was we didn't get to se our cousin alli when she was in town!!!