Thursday, October 9, 2008

Big News!!!

We are adding a 3rd O'Hara Baby to the family!! I took a test on Monday and then told Chris that night when he got home from work. His reaction was "Oh Gosh I need to start selling a whole lot more stuff!!!" typical guy answer!! And Carlee was pretty indifferent about it until she can see results!! but Cydnee has been hilarious because she just runs in to everyone and says I am going to be a big sister! And she told me shes going to feed it a BABA (Bottle). I don't know if I mentioned this in earlier posts but about 3 months ago our bedtime routine changed in the fact that we have to completely swaddle Cydnee with her arms flat to her sides and if she can move them and its not tight enough she will freak out and we have to do it tighter! Crazy HUH!!Oh and the grandpas reactions were my dads "OH NO"
and Chris' Dads "UH OH".!! Pretty comical!!

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Jennifer said...

YEAH! I'm going to be an aunt again!