Friday, October 24, 2008


This week was very boring which was nice!! I worked at the salon yesterday until 9:45pm. and the girls stayed the night with my mom!! Chris played softball!! I do have a funny story about the girls. Last night at the church acrossed the street from my parents house, they had a Halloween safety night and a candy giveaway. So my grandma really wanted my parents to take the girls, so they could be safe!! anyways they ended up taking them and they were the only kids there, and needless to say they were running around everywhere, and the police officer was talking to the girls and Cydnee told him that her daddy hits her and then Carlee ended up pulling the fire alarm before they left!! WHat a great experience for them all! I am glad I was working!!


Jennifer said...

Wow! I wouldn't call that boring for your family!

ShaRhonda said...

Oh, you are definitly paying for someone's raisin'!