Saturday, October 4, 2008

The never ending Saturday

OK So Saturday started off great I went garage saling with my best friend Aimee who also does my and and we tag team wedding hair freqently!! So she picked me up on Saturday morn. about 8am, we went and got a starbucks and then to the beauty supply and then to the garage sales! After that we went next door to my neighbors house to do her daughter Ericas hair and 7 other hairdo's for her wedding. We were there until 230 and pics were at 3 so I rushed home got ready and left again! After the wedding at 4pm I went home to find that Carlee had been sick all day we hd given her tylenol and motrin every 5-6 hours since thursday after school for a fever! But when chris was giving her the meds. on Saturdday afternoon the fever would be back within 2 hours and so I got online around 7pm and saw that the urgent care was open util 8pm. We usuallly go there and see Dr Hamilton for our primary but he was not on duty! So they checked her out, had her pee in a cup and then said it was fine but she was limp and had 103 fever so he thought I should take her to st francis ER. Well I can tell you I had been there with Chris a couple of months ago with possible kidney stones and it was a 5-6 hous wait just to get to see a Dr. but, we got in a room within about 2 hours. The dr did another urine test and imediately told us she had Urinary tract infection and gave her an antibiotic to take for 7 days which was disgusting (or as carlee says "tastes like wipeys")!! So he said by monday morning she would be 100%. well She woke up shaking all over with the fever again so we go to her pediatrician and she had to get 2 shots in each little thigh and new antibiotics that she loves!! by that night she was feeling great!! she is still very pale and needs to get her stamina back! The sad part was we didn't get to se our cousin alli when she was in town!!!

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Jennifer said...

I'm so glad my little Carlee is feeling better! It's too bad she couldn't get the good medicine at the ER on Saturday night. Tell her Aunt Jennifer loves her.