Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Doctor Cole nilson

Today was my monthly appointment @ dr. nilsons and my sister is off work and so I volunteered her for babysitting duties! (So thankful for sis!) So I was kind enough only to leave her with one of the darlings! So to the doctor Carlee and I went! She was so excited! So we got there and were early and sitting in the parking lot waiting and got a call from the doctor saying to hurry up and come in because he had to go deliver a baby! So we jumped out of the car and called chris because he was supposed to be meeting us there, and said hurry!!! We went straight back to the room and he did an ultrasound and told carlee to look up at the tv for the baby, then asked her is she wanted to hear the baby talk and turned on the heart monitor and she got to hear the heartbeat! Carlee said "what in the world is he doin in there?" I thought that was very cute! Then as we were leaving chris pulled up and carlee said I thought he was going to cut the baby out of your tummy today!

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