Monday, December 29, 2008

O'Hara Christmas

We had a great Christmas! The girls got a whole room full of toys and of course argue over what? THE CANDY GUMBALL MACHINES!!! They asked santa for Barbies and Make-up. He dalivered!! Carlee wanted Santa to bring all her tos and put them in her room under her tree! So I told her He might just put one there since it was a small tree. So CHristmas Morning he put A Ballerina Barbie under her tree and She came runnig in my room with it so excited and said mommy Santa left this under my tree and then looked down at it and fell on the ground crying and said I only got One present!! I had to show her the rest and we waited on Cydnee to get up and when she got up carlee took her in there and showed her everything and she said I just want FruitLoops and Franklin!! Which is her normal morning routine!! And then Chris proceeded to video carlee opening her presents and me opening cydnees presents as she cried throughout the whole thing!!! Oh what a beautiful day it started out to be!! I guess thats what happens when the parents are so routine! WHen you break from it it doesnt turn out pretty!! Actually the rest of the day was good, we went o to my grandmas for a brunch and then to chris' parents and had christmas with his whole Family!! We were so happy his grandma got to come home from the hospital Christmas eve day! We are sooo Blessed!!

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