Friday, February 27, 2009

Pioneer Woman

I was talking to this friend of mine Jill and she was telling me about this awesome blog named she reads it all the time and absolutely loves it!! The writer is a City girl from L.A. that fals in love with an Oklahoma cowboy. Anyways she has won one of time magazines top blogs! It is an awesome read and she has several different sections to it!! TO me it would seem like a full time job, but she loves it!! also one of her sections is what she says like a harlequin romance novel about the true love affair of how she and her husband fell in love!! Its something like " From Black High Hells to Tractor Wheels". Also in her spare time she home schools her 4 kids, and somehow cooks, and dables in photography and is awesome at it!! You should check it out!!

Tracis Shower

Today we had a million things to do for My cousin Jonathon's wife Traci's 1st Baby shower. It is next Sunday!! I am having it at my house and we are expecting about 50 people!! It has been really fun, because it's something to keep my focus off myself, and how tired, huge, exhausted, cranky and did I mention tired I am?? So today first things first, Mom and I started at the donut shop for sausage rolls and Sprinkle donuts for the girls!! What everyone needs to start the day off right!!??
Then it was to Ludgers Cakes. If you haven't tried them they are great!! We ordered 2 round cakes one chocolate brown with Baby blue polka dots and one White with Chocolate brown Polka dots. We also did a cake tasting while we were there to make sure they hadn't changed their famous recipe!! (They didn't!) Then we went to the woodland hills mall to play on the indoor playground since its back to 42 degree weather here in Tulsa!! Mom gave each of the girls a 1 dollar bill to buy a cookie or candy at the candy store, if they didn't act too animalistic at the mall. The journey started off great. We went into James Avery to buy Cydnee a Charm bracelet for her birthday and that's where it all started to go crazy. While we were paying Cydnee wondered out into the lobby by the doors and I guess could not withstand the urge to put her crisp one dollar bill into the 3 minute massage chair. Yes, so the n I had to wait 3 minutes for her to get her massage before we could move on, which turned into A crying fit because then she didn't have her dollar for candy!! Do you think she went without?? NOOOO!! Of course grammee just so happened to have 1 more dollar bill! Imagine that!! So we played, ate and headed home for nap time!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Oh what a beautiful day!!

Today as a great day we got up early and had breakfst like normal and then took Carlee to school. We have started a new chart system where she gets a sticker when she goes in without crying and then when she gets 10 stickers we are going to chuckee cheeses. She has been doing great so far! She needs 1 more sticker tomorrow and we are planning the date!! SO anywyas she went in with all smiles!! She is getting so big learning the days of the week, Months and counting up to fifty!
Cydnee is doing good too! She gets stickers on days that she doesn't even go to school somehow??!! She wants to wear skirts or dresses with panty hose everyday, which usually happens at some point in the day. She will be 3 years old on The 14th of March, and when you ask her what she wants she will tell you High Heels and not plastic ones!! Anyways, Cydnee and I went to moms and went to GG and poppa dicks and played in their yard and then we picked up carlee and headed straight for the park in Casies neighborhood! We played with Eli, and then went home and went to the backyard and jumped on the trampoline. It wan't until after that Carlee comes squealing to me and says "momma the most wonderful thing ever in the whole year". I said what's that? She said " I just found the squirmiest worm I have ever seen!" ANd so then we finally went in for dinner and a bath around 6:30pm and I am exhausted!!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Gregory Photography!!

My Friend from High School is doing Photography and I just wanted to show off some of her work!! She is awesome but books up Fast!! Very reasonable too!! Here ya go these are from Cydnees 2 year olds and Carlees 4 year old pics.!!

My Day In a Nutshell!!

Ok , I know I haven't been on in a long while but I guess this is what happens when u have 2 children 4 and under, and One one the way! I know, I know, Excuses!! HA! I got up this morning to to a weepy sobbing mess of a little 2 year old Cydnee that has a terrible cough and looks like her eyes will hardly open so I got my self dressed and ready for work and then got her and Carlee ready and Headed to Dr. Raleys office!! I then found out that Cydnee has Pneumonia and so we were off to take Carlee to school and then to the pharmacy where the lady knows us by name. We then went to moms house where I dropped of Cydnee along with her meds., apple juice, and her ramen noodles that she explained we could not live without!! I picked up moms friend Carolyn who can't get around very well and took her to get her hair done and then brought her back to moms when finished and gave mom Cydnees car seat and went back to work, until I had to go back to Drug warehouse where "Thelma" forgot to run my credit card!! I then ran to Carlee's school picked her up and took her to moms and went back to work where I stayed until around 8:30pm and then came home to an awesome husband who took care of the sick baby from after work til bedtime!! Wow all that and I am on my Blog because my friend ShaRhonda @ has posted her 100th Blog and is having a giveaway today and Made me get on and check it out!! Wow she is an obsessed blogger so go check her out!! Glad this Day is OVER!!! Carrie