Thursday, February 5, 2009

My Day In a Nutshell!!

Ok , I know I haven't been on in a long while but I guess this is what happens when u have 2 children 4 and under, and One one the way! I know, I know, Excuses!! HA! I got up this morning to to a weepy sobbing mess of a little 2 year old Cydnee that has a terrible cough and looks like her eyes will hardly open so I got my self dressed and ready for work and then got her and Carlee ready and Headed to Dr. Raleys office!! I then found out that Cydnee has Pneumonia and so we were off to take Carlee to school and then to the pharmacy where the lady knows us by name. We then went to moms house where I dropped of Cydnee along with her meds., apple juice, and her ramen noodles that she explained we could not live without!! I picked up moms friend Carolyn who can't get around very well and took her to get her hair done and then brought her back to moms when finished and gave mom Cydnees car seat and went back to work, until I had to go back to Drug warehouse where "Thelma" forgot to run my credit card!! I then ran to Carlee's school picked her up and took her to moms and went back to work where I stayed until around 8:30pm and then came home to an awesome husband who took care of the sick baby from after work til bedtime!! Wow all that and I am on my Blog because my friend ShaRhonda @ has posted her 100th Blog and is having a giveaway today and Made me get on and check it out!! Wow she is an obsessed blogger so go check her out!! Glad this Day is OVER!!! Carrie


Jennifer said...

Oh no! Your post makes me exhausted just reading it. I hope she feels better soon. My sweet baby!

Also, those pictures are beautiful!

Keri said...

You exhaust me, but I am so glad you are baaaack! Gorgeous pics of the girls. I will be out of town next week but if you need pneumonia help, just call my cell. It was so hard on Bo, I called the nurseline 4 times and one trip to the ER, so I feel like a pro. Love ya!

ShaRhonda said...

I'm glad you are blogging again! Must have got the compurter working!

Glenna said...

Oh wow you poor mamma!
Glad you all are doing better!
Cute blog by the way this is my first visit!