Friday, February 27, 2009

Pioneer Woman

I was talking to this friend of mine Jill and she was telling me about this awesome blog named she reads it all the time and absolutely loves it!! The writer is a City girl from L.A. that fals in love with an Oklahoma cowboy. Anyways she has won one of time magazines top blogs! It is an awesome read and she has several different sections to it!! TO me it would seem like a full time job, but she loves it!! also one of her sections is what she says like a harlequin romance novel about the true love affair of how she and her husband fell in love!! Its something like " From Black High Hells to Tractor Wheels". Also in her spare time she home schools her 4 kids, and somehow cooks, and dables in photography and is awesome at it!! You should check it out!!


ShaRhonda said...

That is a great blog.

Betsy said...

She actually grew up in Bartlesville of all places...her dad still lives across the street from us. Small world, huh?

I have met her once but am itching to meet her again! I always wonder how in the world she does it all!