Friday, February 27, 2009

Tracis Shower

Today we had a million things to do for My cousin Jonathon's wife Traci's 1st Baby shower. It is next Sunday!! I am having it at my house and we are expecting about 50 people!! It has been really fun, because it's something to keep my focus off myself, and how tired, huge, exhausted, cranky and did I mention tired I am?? So today first things first, Mom and I started at the donut shop for sausage rolls and Sprinkle donuts for the girls!! What everyone needs to start the day off right!!??
Then it was to Ludgers Cakes. If you haven't tried them they are great!! We ordered 2 round cakes one chocolate brown with Baby blue polka dots and one White with Chocolate brown Polka dots. We also did a cake tasting while we were there to make sure they hadn't changed their famous recipe!! (They didn't!) Then we went to the woodland hills mall to play on the indoor playground since its back to 42 degree weather here in Tulsa!! Mom gave each of the girls a 1 dollar bill to buy a cookie or candy at the candy store, if they didn't act too animalistic at the mall. The journey started off great. We went into James Avery to buy Cydnee a Charm bracelet for her birthday and that's where it all started to go crazy. While we were paying Cydnee wondered out into the lobby by the doors and I guess could not withstand the urge to put her crisp one dollar bill into the 3 minute massage chair. Yes, so the n I had to wait 3 minutes for her to get her massage before we could move on, which turned into A crying fit because then she didn't have her dollar for candy!! Do you think she went without?? NOOOO!! Of course grammee just so happened to have 1 more dollar bill! Imagine that!! So we played, ate and headed home for nap time!


Jennifer said...

I think next time I go to the mall I'm taking Cydnee with me and then I'm going to hang out by the massage chairs. By the way, can you make sure she has a dollar with her?

ShaRhonda said...

Sounds fun- I can't wait to see pics!