Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A day in the life of me!

Today we met at Chic fil a for lunch with my cousins wife Traci who I had the shower for, because she is going in tomorrow to have the little guy!! Pretty awesome how it works these days!! I am thinking oh my goodness this is me in 6 weeks! wow! Anyways it was good to let her see only a glimpse into her future, by having the girls there asking for fries not fruit with their meal, and cydnee wanted sprite not lemonade. Then Carlee wouldn't come down from the top of the play area until I told her no ice cream cone on the way home! I had also told them we would go to Barnes and noble and read books so after lunch that's where we went in carlee in search of shark & Dinosaur books and Cydnee looking for any shelf they had really neat displayed books so she could mess it up, or any kind with a musical instrument like a piano or a flute! HA!HA! We read books for over an hour and then picked 1 bargain book aout and headed home for a much needed nap, but after we got to the car and everyone buckled in safe and secure Little Cydnee loohoo says I have to go potty. So out of the car we all get and go back in to the bathroom and back to the car and back through the drive through @ chic fila for the ice cream and finally home! Then it was down for a nap and then up for My cousin Jessica's little boy Coltons 2nd Birthday! Kids running everywhere and I am just trying to make sure my 2 stay alive and once again I find myself thinking "just add another one to the mix!"

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Cats and dogs

I am writing this because I had a funny conversation with my mom that I was wondering if anyone else was weird enough to have! We were talking about my girls and how different their personalities are and we decided that Carlee is just like a cat, and Cydnee is just like a puppy! Carlee is more like I will rub on you and be sweet and kind, but only when I want to. and don't say anything about it or I may scratch your eyes out! And when she wants something she will act like she doesn't but then in a very Smart way she will manipulate the situation to where the other person is begging her to take whatever it is that she actually wants anyways! and then on a typical day when she wakes up she wants a cup of chocolate milk and her blanket and cartoons and then don't bug her for at least an hour or it wont be pretty! And it is like misery that we have to go anywhere and we really have to talk it up and then there may still not be any excitement! She could stay home all the time! Then there is Cydnee is so much Like a puppy that she first thing in the morning comes in saying "Good morning sweet carlee". Then she comes to my room and says come on get out of bed mommy the sun is up!! Then she wants orange juice, dry fruit loops and to watch Franklin, the cartoon and like a puppy with a short attention span that will last about 10 minutes then I Will just lay back down for a second and she will come in and ask where are we going today? And if I don't answer she will get on top of me and start kissing me to get me up or get right in my ear and wisper everything she wants really loudly! Then asks can I wear a dress and if I say yes she will start this crazy happy dance and if I say no she will say OK then for a nap? Meaning can she change into a fancy dress for her nap! Then its like a puppy, whats in my lunch pail? I will tell her and after every little item whether its turkey sandwich or slops she will say OOOOh that sounds delicious! Carlee will take one look in the lunch pail and not say a word, she will just take out what she doesn't want and go to the cabinet and replace it with what she does want! Cydnee can't go near the Bathtub in the morning without stripping down and says I am stinkeeeey! Even though she took a bath just before bed! and if I am in the tub she says I am just going to stick 1 toe in, but always ends up all the way in splashing everything!! They are both so different but such a joy to sit back and watch as they mature and get bigger! I hear all the time it flies by so fast so enjoy it! And the truth is I couldn't enjoy it more! Also I am so exhausted when they are home but then on the days that they go to mothers day out I pick them up early because I miss them!! They are so precious!!