Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A day in the life of me!

Today we met at Chic fil a for lunch with my cousins wife Traci who I had the shower for, because she is going in tomorrow to have the little guy!! Pretty awesome how it works these days!! I am thinking oh my goodness this is me in 6 weeks! wow! Anyways it was good to let her see only a glimpse into her future, by having the girls there asking for fries not fruit with their meal, and cydnee wanted sprite not lemonade. Then Carlee wouldn't come down from the top of the play area until I told her no ice cream cone on the way home! I had also told them we would go to Barnes and noble and read books so after lunch that's where we went in carlee in search of shark & Dinosaur books and Cydnee looking for any shelf they had really neat displayed books so she could mess it up, or any kind with a musical instrument like a piano or a flute! HA!HA! We read books for over an hour and then picked 1 bargain book aout and headed home for a much needed nap, but after we got to the car and everyone buckled in safe and secure Little Cydnee loohoo says I have to go potty. So out of the car we all get and go back in to the bathroom and back to the car and back through the drive through @ chic fila for the ice cream and finally home! Then it was down for a nap and then up for My cousin Jessica's little boy Coltons 2nd Birthday! Kids running everywhere and I am just trying to make sure my 2 stay alive and once again I find myself thinking "just add another one to the mix!"


ShaRhonda said...

The Joys of Motherhood-We need to redo your blog!

Jenni said...

This makes me TIRED! But you are going to be SUCH an amazing mom to 3 little ones!