Sunday, May 31, 2009

The night before Collin Arrived!

The night before Collin was born we had to do a couple of things that we had done with both the girls! I had my friend Evie come over to stay the night and then she stayed with the girls and brought them up to see us after he was born. She stayed with Carlee too when Cydnee was born! I adore her and so do the girls! We also had to do some redneck belly shots just to show the final results as Chris says "How huge I got!" Which doesn't really bother me because I know that he gained a few extra pounds with me this time around! HAAHA Also the girls got to join in and show their bellies! I am so grateful for Chris, and the fact that he is involved in our family life and how much he loves us and takes care of us! Of course as with every pregnancy I didn't really start to freak out until right before time to go to bed the night before surgery! Why do we do that? anyways here are a few momento pics.! Love, Carrie

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ShaRhonda said...

These are great, I love the belly all of Chris's extra pounds gone like yours?